Our story is the means in which we understand the world and the world understands us. It is our history and our present and it shapes our future.

Do you know your story? Can you explain in less than 30 seconds what makes your service unique?

M45 is a leader in Content Video Production and Helpful Marketing services. We offer a range of products and a boutique service that is helpful, strategic and targeted. We have the people, the creativity and the technology to bring your inspired message to the world. Make the impact you want without a big Agency spend. With M45 you can.

M45 understands the power of storytelling and what it can do for you; for your Brand, Business, Products and Services and your people. Our team is passionately devoted to helping you to understand and tell your story to the world.

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Here are some of our favourite content contributors.


Why I love podcasts. The podcast audience is a high quality audience and nothing can beats sitting in traffic jam listening to audio on demand. Startup chronicles the story of Alex Blumberg and his quest to start a podcast business and revolutionise the industry.



If you want to learn more about how Content Marketing can Transform your business then look no further. Incidentally you can hear an interview with Joe Pulizzi on Timbo’s podcast.



If you haven’t listen to Timbo Reid, then do yourself a favour and download his Amazing podcast. I’ve learnt so much from His show and it constantly stands out as an excellent example of content marketing at its best





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